About Bodrum

There’s nothing that fills a hole in your stomach better than a special Bodrum Kebab, and luckily for you, our takeaway restaurant is full to the brim of great offerings to enjoy. From bottomless kebab nights with all the meaty goodness you can indulge to tasty fast foods, we’ve got you covered at Bodrum Pizza and Kebab house.

An entire kebab section on our menu leaves you with no doubt that this kebab shop takes its grills seriously. If you ask locals in Cowdenbeath ‘Where is the best halal kebab takeaway near me?’, they will definitely say ‘Bodrum takeaway’, which is located at 135 High St, Cowdenbeath KY4 9QE.

Our Doner kebab is made up of minced lamb shoulder carefully flavoured with onions and the heat of plenty of black pepper – a simple, satisfyingly savoury serve that you must try!

Have you ever dreamt of a true Italian pizza? Yes, we too. That's why we serve freshly made Italian pizza from scratch with true and authentic ingredients. Don’t miss out on our special pizzas prepared with top-secret recipes. The cheese oozes out, the crust is crisp and shatters when you bite into it, and the flavour of the sauce is perfect.

Put an end to long drives for a grilled Turkish Burger after a long day of shopping at ALDI Cowdenbeath. All you need to do is just go to our website and place an online food order. You can collect it on your way home. We are just a short drive from the store. 

Whether you are coming back after skating at Cowdenbeath Skate Park, or just need a sugar fix, our velvety vanilla ice cream, super moist carrot cake and homemade chocolate cake will satisfy your taste buds.

We are proudly partnered with Mealzo Family, and you can download the Mealzo App to get exclusive discounts!

Feel free to call us at 01383610600 and order over the phone. We will deliver it in no time!

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Thank you for making us your first choice.



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